Create the Sound You Need with Selenium Speakers

Selenium offers a large collection of speakers and speaker accessories that can add, replace, or enhance your own set. These important components are available on eBay, and they let you build an entire loudspeaker from scratch. For finding the right match, consider the needs you have, the space youll use, and how much size will play a role in the decision you have to make.

Which speakers are ideal for large spaces?

Affordable combination sets on eBay are ideal for large spaces and provide a broad range of frequencies. Selenium sets provide a wide selection of speakers, and each play a different role when getting sound to fill a room. That sound can be as dynamic as possible as long as you have tonal variety. The tones hit by a combination set of speakers provide a wider range than a single loudspeaker can. Consider how your system will be used and where. Learn more with Selenium to find out which sets you can build and which best fits into your space. Each combination is intended for specific results, so refer to the users manual of each model in consideration, and test whats possible.

Will these sets play all audio signals?

You will capture any audio signal sent into a speaker combination set. There are roughly three fundamental diaphragms created by Selenium for a variety of power levels and pitches. Each plays a major role in isolating exact tones and pitches. Heres a look at some of those textures and how they come about:

  • High: The higher pitches picked up by Selenium are the result of a small diaphragm whose surface area creates high pitches that resonate with extreme power and clarity. These types of speakers are called "tweeters."
  • Mid: Drivers are medium-sized speakers that work with a tonal range found between bass and treble. These mid-levels are often the bulk of sound and why such speakers drive their tone as an important part of composition.
  • Low: Bass helps your sound sustain a thick and deep texture that makes it appear full. These frequencies are possible through the help of woofers that pack power when low sounds pass through them.
Is it safe to connect electronics to Selenium speakers?

Electronics are ideal sources of audio signals for Selenium models. These electronics include instruments, mixers, and mp3 players. All of them are safe to use and are compatible with the electrical setup of Selenium speakers. Please refer to its users manual for more details.

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