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Sewing Patches For Your Collection

Being able to show off your unique style is easy with embroidered sewing patches. There are eBay sewing patches available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Professional and novice stitchers can update their clothing with ease using a wide selection of functional and decorative options.

How are the patches attached to materials?

There are three ways that sewing patches are commonly attached to clothing and other materials:

  • Needle and thread - You can simply use a needle and thread to attach the sew-on patches to materials by going along the edges. Simply push a threaded needle through the back of the fabric and push the point of the needle through the edge of the patch. Repeat the process until it is secure.
  • Sewing machine - If you have a sewing machine, you can simply sew along the edges to secure it into place.
  • Self-adhesive patches - Some can simply be ironed on thanks to glue attached to the back that melts when it comes into contact with heat. It's important to make sure you know how to iron on patches before you start as once the glue melts, they can be difficult to remove.
What materials can you attach the sewing patches to?

Sewing patches for sale can be attached to any durable fabric. It's important that the fabric is sturdy to ensure that it can stand up to the weight. Wool, cotton, denim and canvas are all great fabrics to use for showing off a decorative patch. Woven fabrics are generally good options for sew-on patches. On the other hand, silk and cashmere may be too delicate to use.

Why would you use sewing patches?

Sewing patches can be used in many different ways:

  • Cover holes or rips in fabric - You can sew a patch over rips or holes in your clothing to hide the damaged areas from sight.
  • Show off your uniqueness - Vintage patches are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Use a patch to make an item more unique and show off your personality quickly and easily.
  • Make your belongings easy to identify - Adding a customized sewing or Brazzers patch that feature your name makes it easy to identify what items belong to you and which do not.
What should you consider when choosing the design of a sewing patch?

If you are having embroidered badges on eBay customized, consider the size you need them to be, the font you want to use for any words, the colors you want to see and how you want to attach them before you have them created.