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Snap-on Wrench Sets

Snap-on Wrench Sets

All tool chests can benefit from having a full wrench set by Snap-on. Snap-on tools are known for their strength and durability under rigorous daily use. Available in many different styles for a wide range of applications, wrenches by Snap-on are designed to make your job easier while withstanding the test of time.

What types of hand wrenches are made by Snap-on?

There are many variations when it comes to hand wrench styles. You can find these items separately or as a part of a varied wrench set. Having different wrench styles in your arsenal of tools means you will have the exact tool available precisely when it is needed.

  • Open end: This has an open side to slide onto the bolt. It works well in areas where a socket wont fit.
  • Box end: The box end has a closed end with notches inside to hold onto the fastener. This style permits you to apply more torque without affecting a ratcheting mechanism.
  • Ratcheting: The ratcheting wrench has a closed end with a ratcheting mechanism. This allows for back-and-forth movement without having to lift and replace the wrench onto the fastener.
  • Combination style: The combination style has one end open and the other end either closed or ratcheting. It provides multiple functions from just one tool.
  • Four-way angle head: This tool comes with ends that are offset by 30 degrees and 60 degrees. This allows one tool to be used in four positions.
  • Offset end: This style tool has ends that are offset 15 degrees or 60 degrees. Both variations may be offered on one tool for multiple position use.
What is an impact wrench?

An impact wrench, also referred to as an impact gun or air wrench, is a power tool that is designed to provide a lot of torque with little effort. An impact wrench is used by connecting it to an air compressor and attaching the appropriate socket. Snap-on impact wrenches have a 1/2-inch drive, so all sockets with the same drive size can be used as long as they are designed for impact use.

Is there such a thing as a cordless impact wrench?

If youre looking for a cordless impact wrench, Snap-on offers you options. The cordless impact wrench is designed to run off of an 18V rechargeable lithium battery. You can enjoy high torque output in a versatile design that doesnt require connection to an air compressor. It is easy to change out a spent battery for one that is freshly charged. Snap-ons cordless impact wrench styles are available with 1/2-inch drives and 3/8-inch drives to fit a wide range of impact socket sizes.