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How Sony 20-29-inch Televisions Combine Form with Function

Besides a range of electronic projects, Sony also makes smart TV technology. Typically, these types of models feature larger screens that are perfect for home theater integration. But before there were smart TV sets, there were smaller LCD TV sets that fulfilled a number of functions around the house.

Which Sony TVs work well for gamers with old-school technology?

Standard Sony CRT models are the gold standard for gamers with vintage consoles that are still in use. The screen size of 20 inches is ideally suited for the display of the video games that these devices support. Moreover, since 3D technology is not recommended, there is no worry about pixels or other interruptions during gameplay. Headphone jacks let you enjoy game-play quietly.

What are the advantages of flat-screen TVs?

Many Sony flat-screen televisions embrace LCD technology. They offer a high level of functionality that lets you use them in a garage as a second TV or in a child’s room for gaming.

  • HD compatibility: This input lets you hook in a memory stick or video-playing device. Depending on the model, it can accept anywhere from 480p to 1080p signals.
  • Wide-angle viewing: You do not have to sit right in front of the television set to catch the action. A wide viewing angle does not compromise picture quality even if you are sitting off to the side.
  • Space saving: The flat fronts of these Sony models endear them to people with limited space. Examples include dorm rooms, garage setups, and man cave or she shed uses.
How does HDMI functionality affect TV viewing?

Newer Sony models offer two HDMI input connectors. Look for sets that have HDMI ports on the front of the set, which makes the connection of wires a lot easier. An HD-ready model lets you connect a cable box via these connectors to watch the HD channels that you may already be paying for. Typically, this type of television comes with a flat screen and 1080p resolution.

What hides behind the full HD moniker?

Industry insiders refer to full HD with terms such as HDTV or ultra-HD. It relates to the availability of a 1080p display. Some Sony models pair this functionality with LCD technology, built-in Wi-Fi, and smart TV features that include internet browsing.

Just because the screen might be smaller than what you are used to when looking at a home theater setup, it does not mean that you have to compromise on features. These Sony 20-29-inch televisions are well suited for a variety of home uses and in places such as a pool house or outdoor kitchen.

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