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How to Use the Sony Camera Lens Rear Cap

A rear lens cap plays a vital role on a camera lens. It's important to protect your Sony camera with the right accessories. With the proper cap, you can help your camera lens stay protected when it's not mounted.

What does a rear lens cap do?

A rear lens cap goes on the side of the lens that connects with the camera body. It is designed to help protect the lens from dust and debris. It will also help prevent various lens components from bending when it is placed into a camera bag without being mounted to the camera.

How does a cap attach to the lens back?

A rear lens cap may attach to the back side of the lens in a variety of different ways. Understanding this will allow you to choose what you prefer and determine how easy it is to get the cap on and off. Types include:

  • Slip-on - The piece will simply slide over the back of the unit.
  • Twist-on - The piece is threaded onto the back of the unit.
  • Snap-on - The piece will snap into place and be removed by pressing the two sides in.
How do rear lens cap sizes matter?

Unlike a cap for the front of the lens, a rear lens cap doesn't need to be measured in millimeters. Instead, it is based on the type of mount in place for your Sony camera. An EF mount is the most common with an SLR camera. This means that a rear lens cap will fit any of the lenses that you have for your Sony because the mount remains the same.

What material is a lens cap made of?

A cap might be made from a few different materials. Understanding the material will help to identify its durability as well as how it connects. Some materials are:

  • Metal - Heavier weight but is durable
  • Rubber - Pliable and lightweight
  • Hard plastic or acrylic - Rigid and will often snap into place
What are the different features?

There are several features that may be available with a rear lens cap. You will want to consider all of them based on what you need. Here are some options:

  • Set of front and rear caps - They will match to go on both sides of your equipment.
  • Sony logo - Sony logo will be on the center of the lens cap.
  • Hard plastic - Hard material offers durability.
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