Sony Handycam Memory Stick PRO Duo Camcorders

Buying Memory Stick PRO Duo Camcorders

Capturing memories is a cinch when you have a camcorder that not only records audio and video, but safely stores your video content onto PRO Duo Memory Sticks, enabling you to view, upload, share, or edit your footage as you desire. Manufactured by Sony, PRO Duo cameras come with many functional features and in many models to select from.

What Are Some PRO Handycam Features?

Numerous features make using a Memory Stick Duo device not only appealing but fun as well. You can use the features to customize your videos and make them more personal, adjusting your camera to shoot exactly as you desire.

  • Optical-zoom capability lets you get up close to your subject, whether youre focusing on every detail of a flower, the gorilla at the zoo, or your son sliding into home base. These memory-card cameras offer zooms that range from 10x to 60x and more.
  • Some models not only record video footage, but Duo designs shoot other media like still pictures, so when something happens that you wish you had a still camera for, you dont have to worry.
  • When you record video for a living or use your PRO camcorder frequently, a shoulder mount can come in handy and make carrying the unit more comfortable.

How Should You Pick a PRO Duo Unit?

Looking at the numerous Sony Memory Stick devices can be overwhelming, so its a wise idea to make a list of the essentials you want out of your PRO Duo model and then narrow the models down to those that include the features you desire.

  • Memory is one of the most crucial factors to consider. These specific models already come with a card thats removable, but you may want internal memory in addition to a memory card, so look for an option that includes both types.
  • What definition would you like to record and view content in? Some of your choices include standard definition, high definition, and ultra-high definition. There are also 4K models for clear, vibrant, and detailed footage.
  • Think about the little things that make using a PRO Duo model hassle-free and less complicated, such as added wrist and shoulder straps, shoulder mounts, and a water-resistant exterior, or an included adapter that allows you to view footage anywhere on the fly.

What Are Some Available PRO Duo Models?

After you have an idea of what you want out of a model, its time to narrow the options down.

  • With support for any GB Memory Stick PRO Duo cards, the FDR-AX33 is a palm-sized model packed with features, such as 4K HD filming resolution, 18.9 megapixels, and a 3-inch LCD screen display size.
  • The HXR-MC2500 already has 32 GB of internal memory, but you can expand that with a Memory Stick when you need to. This model also features HD support, a shoulder mount, and 1080p recording capabilities.
  • Check into the features of the NEX-VG10 Memory Stick Duo model, which include a storage capacity of 32 GB as well as support for a memory card. Theres an 11x zoom, 14.6MP resolution, and a 30-second shutter speed.

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