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How to Find Shelf Stereos with CD Changers

For smaller spaces that don't have much room for tech equipment, a Sony compact shelf stereo for the home is a viable and functional option. Though they're small, these stereo systems are full of features that allow audiophiles to enjoy music in numerous ways.

What Are Some Features of Shelf Stereos?

Not only are these electronics space-saving options, but they also offer a wide variety of features to enhance your listening experience.

  • Wireless systems connect via Bluetooth to other devices, meaning that you can sync your Sony stereo with your smartphone, computer, or tablet to stream audio from those sources.
  • Many systems have a built-in tuner, so you can listen to the radio along with other types of media formats.
  • Small but powerful speakers offer anywhere from 280 watts to 540 watts of power.

Which Media Formats Can You Play?

You're not just limited to the radio when it comes to a speaker system and stereo, as there are many other ways you can play music with this type of system, offering a versatile way to listen to and enjoy music no matter if it's digital or physical copies of albums or songs.

  • A CD player provides the capability to play physical CD discs, and some models have a CD changer that you can load with as many as five discs that you can shuffle or select without having to open it up and change out the CD each time you want to listen to a new one. Fill up the changer for the day and just hit the play button. Some models aren't only for traditional CDs since they play CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R formats too.
  • An AUX port let you plug your MP3 player in to enjoy playback of digital music.
  • Some stereos come with a cassette player, so you can throw it back to older, vintage types of media. Get your old cassettes out and give them a listen, or for those who collect cassettes, this might be a useful feature to have.

What Comes with the System?

When you buy one of these shelf systems, they come with a few components that work together to provide seamless sound. Since they're small, you can place them on a table, media center, or on a shelf and immerse yourself in room-filling sound.

  • The main part of the stereo system, the receiver, is the base of the system and is generally where you put your CDs or hook up peripherals via ports.
  • Most systems come with two small speakers, and these speakers usually either have a built-in subwoofer or come with a separate sub to amplify bass.