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Sony Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Interesting Facts About Sony Center Channel Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Whether you want to enjoy a movie, watch the news or listen to some music, a home theater audio system is capable of providing an immersive experience. Being a large manufacturer of electronic devices, Sony produces the speakers that are used to create a home theater setup. These products include center channel home speakers, a type of speaker that reproduces audio in mono and provides low-pitched audio frequencies through the implementation of subwoofers.

What is a Sony home theater?

Commonly, a Sony home theater is defined as an audio and video equipment setup that is adapted to fit in a room of a house to emulate a movie theater or concert experience. The type and number of speakers that are used to create this auditive experience may vary. However, the basic disposition of any home theater includes two stereo speakers (left and right) and a mono central speaker. Normally, this central speaker reproduces the lowest-pitched frequencies by incorporating a subwoofer.

What does a center speaker in a home theater do?

Despite its straightforward and simplistic design, a center channel speaker plays a vital role in creating the auditive experience of a Sony home theater setup. Its main functions are as follows:

  • Creates the bass sound: Even though its typically slim enough to fit inside a shelf or beneath a cupboard, a center speaker creates the base of the sound, providing a balance and filling the spaces that may be missed by stereo left/right speakers.
  • Subwoofer adds fullness: The center speaker provides additional bass sounds through its subwoofer, effectively creating a fuller, more rotund sound.
  • Produces the dialogue sound: Because of its constancy and balance, this speaker reproduces the majority of dialogue in a movie.
Where do you place an SS-CS8 center channel speaker?

A Sony center channel speaker is meant to be placed at the center of your home theater arrangement. If you sit directly in front of the screen, the center channel speaker should also be facing you directly, albeit from a slightly lower or higher angle. Due to their horizontal disposition, speakers such as this one are easy to fit above or below a TV screen.

What is a subwoofer?

To spread the sound field, a speaker has multiple woofers. The woofers are in charge of reproducing the low-pitched frequencies referred to as bass and sub-bass. For regular consumer products, the normal frequency range of a standard subwoofer is 20Hz to 200Hz. Typically, the frequency range of a speaker of this model is between 55Hz and 25kHz.

What is a tweeter in an SS-CS8 center channel speaker?

Complementary to the role played by a subwoofer, a tweeter is a speaker driver that produces the highest range frequency. As a result, this driver is vital for reproducing dialogue and music. A center channel speaker combines subwoofers, midrange woofers, and tweeters to create a complete range of sound.

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