South Sea Yellow Gold Fine Pearl Earrings

The Classic Design of South Sea Pearl Earrings

South Sea pearl earrings with gold are a classy addition to any wardrobe. When you look around on eBay, youll find stud earrings, dangle earrings, and more that you can add to your collection of jewelry.

What are the shapes and colors of South Sea pearls?

South Sea pearls are either white, golden, gray, blue, black, pink, or purple colored, and they come in a few different shapes. The most common is a simple round shape. The drop shape, which is slightly heavier on one end, is another often used pearl. Occasionally, baroque pearls, which have an irregular shape, are used.

Styles of South Sea pearl earrings

There are several styles of earrings that South Sea makes. One of the most common kinds is a simple stud earring in which the pearl hugs the earlobe. Another common type is the drop earring that has either an oblong pearl or a round one. This kind of earring has a pearl that hangs slightly below the earlobe. The pearls and ornamentation on dangle earrings can be arranged in several ways. For instance, an earring can have several pearls on one strand that are connected by a gold chain. While the gold on the pearl earrings is usually in a simple design, there are some earrings that have elaborate gold designs, and some even incorporate diamonds into the earrings.

What types of backings do South Sea pearl earrings have?

South Sea pearl earrings have a couple types of backings, including:

  • Post: Simple push posts are often used with this type of earring, especially if its a simple stud.
  • Lever Back: This brand often uses a lever backing on dangle earrings. One of the benefits of this type of back is that it stays securely on the lobe because the lever completes the loop and takes away the possibility of it falling off.
  • French Wire: This is a simple open loop thats attached to the rest of the earring.
What should you consider when buying South Sea pearl earrings?

When youre buying pearl earrings, first consider the type of pearl. Some pearls are rare and have more value. For instance, pearls that are colored generally have more value than white pearls. But there are several other factors that are included in the value of a pearl, including size, shape, and quality. You should also consider which kind of backing you prefer and will suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you or the recipient has difficulty securing earrings, French wire backing might be a good option.

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