StreetGlow Lights

StreetGlow specializes in performance lighting products, including strips and spools, headlights in both LED and Xenon varieties, auxiliary options, under vehicle kits, flashing lights, accessories, replacement parts, and specials. The company supplies a variety of options for each product. LEDs are utilized in a wide range of configurations, colors, and strengths.

Which types of applications are these StreetGlow products for?

StreetGlow lights accommodate cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine uses, and first responders. The company makes LED products, auxiliary options, under car kits, accessories, and car flashing lights for sedans and coupes. Truck and motorcycle options include many similar products in categories of flashers, auxiliary models, LED lights, and underside kits. Marine models include ultra-thin lighting, channel lights, heavy-duty designs, deck lights, LED pods, indicators, adjustable fixtures, and cup holders. First response options include flashers to accompany sirens, auxiliary designs like front lights, and LED products for dashboards and more.

What types of strips and spools are available?

LED strips and spools are made for a variety of purposes, including outlining various car components. Ultra-thin models come in five colors and four sizes and can be cut down into 4-inch pieces. People use these frequently for footwells, doors, dashboards, and trunk spaces. Spools are very similar, except they are ideal for spaces where longer lengths are required. Heavy-duty options are more suitable for commercial spaces that require extra durability, like RV lighting, truck beds, tool compartments, and trailers. XtraSlim LEDs can be used to decorate mirrors, tail lights, and gauge clusters.

What kinds of headlight and auxiliary lighting exist?

LEDs come in all different sizes, colors, and strengths for taillights and dome lights. Front bulbs are available in both LED and Xenon styles. Xenon bulbs come with two per package and are used to achieve the super white tone used among luxury vehicles.

Auxiliary options include daytime running lights, front bulbs, LEDs, LED tailgate light bars, Xenon bulbs, and harness upgrades. Running lights enhance the visibility of a car and come in two different colors and sizes. These are most common among RVs, all-terrain vehicles, and commercial automobiles.

Tailgate light bars are used for a similar purpose, merely from the other end of the car. If you choose to utilize Xenons, ensure that you upgrade your harness to accommodate the change.

What types of under car lighting does StreetGlow make?

Under the car lighting comes in Gold Series Neon, OBTX Series Neon, and LED styles. Gold Series Neons are the highest quality option. Acrylic tubing is mounted underneath the car or truck. OPTXs include four tubes to enhance an engine’s appearance. LEDs are capable of emitting multiple colors and glows. Some of these kits can also be synced to music.

What sorts of accessories are available?

Strobes are made for professional and competitive automobiles. First responders like police, paramedics, and fire squads utilize them for visibility. Accessories include LED discs, light bolts, music interface, universal 12-volt remote controls, and RGB multi-color devices. Replacement parts are available for all different kinds of kits, including under vehicle models and strobes.