TNC Male Coax Cables and Connectors

TNC coaxial cables are used in a variety of different home theater and audio setups. A wide array of different companies make TNC coax cables. Find coaxial cables that are compatible with your home theater needs within this collection.

What is a coax cable?

A coaxial cable, also known as a coax cable, is a type of cable that is used to carry an audio or video signal. The term "coaxial" is derived from the unique design of this type of cable. A central cable is surrounded by an insulating layer, which is in turn surrounded by a conducting metal layer. TNC (Threaded Neill–Concelman) coax cables are used specifically for radio, and these cables screw on to a pole that extrudes from compatible equipment.

What types of coax connectors are offered?

A variety of different connectors and adapters are offered for TNC coax cables. A few common options include the following:

  • TNC to BNC female: These cords connect this type of coax cable to a BNC device or cord. BNC ports are commonly used on TVs, radios, and RF equipment. This kind of port was also frequently used with devices connected to precursors to the Internet such as ARPANET. BNC cables are designed to carry either 50 or 70 ohms.
  • TNC to type F coax female: F connectors are some of the most commonly used coax connectors. This kind of connector is used to carry traditional television signals and cable television signals. This port is also universal for cable and satellite internet modems. This kind of adapter makes it possible to use TNC wires with F port devices.
  • T connectors: These devices are used to connect multiple coax wires of the same kind. They are usually silver in color, and they are designed in a "T" shape.
  • TNC to SMA male: SMA is a kind of coax port that is commonly used with Wi-Fi antennas. This coax port was developed in the 1960s, and it is one of the smallest coax ports available. These parts make it possible to connect SMA ports to threaded Neill–Concelman ports.
How do you use a coax T connector?

If you need to connect three coax cables, follow these steps:

  • Place the connector on a level surface and gather all the cables together.
  • Connect the female cable to the connector first. Connect this cord by screwing the male port of the connector over the female cord tip. T connectors connect two male coax wires to one female coax cable.
  • Connect the two other cords to the connector. Do this by placing the tip of the cord over the female port and screwing the cord tightly in place.
  • Test your work by turning on all the connected devices. Make sure that the signal is carried to each device.