Finding an Inverter Board for Your TV

Though repairing your Philips TV can sometimes seem intimidating, an inverter board isn't such a difficult fix, but it is crucial to the operation of your TV set. When your board goes out, it's time to replace it, so you don't miss out on the big game or your favorite shows.

Which Brands Make Replacement Boards?

When you have a Philips TV, you don't necessarily have to use a Philips board to replace a faulty one as there are other brands that make these parts that are compatible with your Philips LCD television.

  • It's not the only choice, but you can choose to replace your board with a Philips-branded board. Remember to make sure that the model numbers are compatible, so after you remove your faulty board, inspect it for a model number and match it to the replacement part to ensure compatibility.
  • An LG board is another option. Again, you'll need to verify that the model numbers match to ensure compatibility.
  • Sharp is another tech and electronics company that makes backlight inverters that you can put into your Philips TV.

What's in an Inverter Kit?

To ensure that you have everything needed to fix your inverter, consider purchasing an inverter kit. When you get a bundle, you'll have the parts you need to fix your television, though you'll need to buy the actual inverter board separately.

  • In a kit, you'll get the components you need for installation. This includes capacitors, but make sure that the capacitors you buy are the right modules for your specific inverter.
  • In some cases, you'll get a soldering iron and solder for specific repairs to your backlight inverter.
  • Connectors, wire cutters, a screwdriver, and screws are also necessary for replacement, but may or may not come in a kit.

When Should You Replace This Part?

There should be a few clues to let you know when it's time to replace your inverter. When you encounter these symptoms, you most likely have a faulty board, and you can replace it yourself instead of buying a new TV to save yourself some money.

  • When you're watching TV, you'll begin to notice lines, a flickering picture, a wavy image, or a dimming picture that brightens and then goes dark suddenly.
  • Sometimes, you'll know you need to make repairs when your TV display won't show any image at all. In these cases, when you turn your set on, there's nothing there at all and this may indicate a faulty board.
  • When you turn your TV on, you'll hear a loud buzzing noise, along with any of the above display symptoms. This is a common sign that your inverter board is having problems and requires a new one.

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