Finding the Right TV Inverter Board

Sometimes called a backlight inverter board, a faulty TV inverter board can mean your LCD TV wont function properly. Fortunately, these necessary components can be replaced, so you dont need to buy a new TV when your board happens to go out; you just need to make sure your TV model is compatible with the board youre buying so it fits and works correctly.

What Does an Inverter Board Do?

Its usually not difficult to see when something is wrong with your TV, but you may not have a clue which part, such as inverter board, is making your set malfunction.

  • An inverter board works as a backlight for your television set, keeping the picture bright and the display working well.
  • Some tech guides compare it to a "battery" for your LCD TV set or computer monitor.
  • It requires a few hundred volts of wattage (typically 500 to 700 watts) to brighten your screen, so its a part you cant watch TV without.

Which Brands Make Inverter Boards for Toshiba TVs?

When you realize that your Toshiba TV needs a replacement board, this is a project that you can take on yourself, but you need to know how to select a new board for your set. To that end, you should consider brands that are compatible with your Toshiba-branded unit to ensure you get the one thats a fit.

  • A Toshiba-branded board is sure to work as long as you have the right model. Remember to check the model number of your broken board and compare it to the model number on the inverter youre thinking of buying.
  • A Samsung inverter works with your Toshiba set as long as the models are compatible.
  • You might also consider buying an LG inverter to install into your Toshiba television. As long as the models match up, it should work properly.

How Do You Know When You Need a New Inverter Board?

You may wonder when you need an inverter since a television or monitor can encounter numerous issues. How do you zero in on this being the specific problem? There are a few signs and symptoms that its most likely your backlight inverter and not another component that needs replacing.

  • Your Toshibas screen is dark, dim, or flickering when you turn your TV on.
  • You can see an image on the screen, but its distorted and looks abnormal.
  • When you turn your television on, you see nothing at all; its completely black and theres no image at all, not even a dim or odd-looking one.

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