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How to Select Teak Dining Chairs

It rained all spring; now your outdoor dining set is ruined and you're thinking that maybe you should have gone with teak. Teak is a hard wood that's used to construct many types of furniture, including outdoor dining chairs as well as outdoor dining tables, coffee tables, side chairs, and patio end tables. Teak is a special material thanks to its numerous features.

What Are Some Features of Teak Dining Chairs?

When you're searching for a dining chair for interior use or to use on your patio with a set of outdoor furniture, there are so many types of chairs to select from that it can be difficult to pick. Teak stands out from other types of wood, especially when it comes to outdoor dining use.

  • Teak is naturally resistant to the elements. Due to the oils that are already present within the wood, teak maintains its condition season after season. Unlike other types of solid wood, you don't need to add coat after coat of weatherproofing oils to it because it doesn't need it.
  • Teak furniture also won't rot, making it a strong choice for outdoor dining sets.
  • Dining chairs made of teak are strong and have a high weight capacity. This means that any dining chairs you purchase made from teak will be sturdy.

What Are Some Styles of Dining Chairs?

Since teak is a close-grained wood, it can be cut, carved, and shaped into numerous styles. You can also paint or stain these patio chairs with ease. 

  • Modern chairs may have a curved back or incorporate stainless steel into their frames with teak for the back and seat. Alternately, modern chairs may have a more geometric-style design.
  • Shabby chic or rustic teak chairs often have fabric seats or padded cushions. These casual chairs blend well with other patio furniture for outdoor use.
  • Vintage chairs include styles that range from high-backed options to cushioned midcentury designs. They are also usually armless. 

How Do You Maintain Teak Dining Chairs?

Just like any other type of furniture, teak dining furniture like all-weather chairs must be maintained to keep its shape and looks. 

  • To clean dining chairs regularly, simply combine a mild soap with water or make a vinegar-and-water solution and use a soft sponge or brush to remove dirt and debris from the dining chair. If there is any staining, try bleach instead of vinegar or soap.
  • As teak gets old and weathers, it naturally turns gray. If you like the natural way teak looks, then leave it as it is; however, if you prefer your dining chairs to stay the same honey gold color as they are when you buy them, use oil to not only protect the chairs but to maintain their appearance. Experts recommend linseed oil or tung oil, or you can purchase special oils just for this very purpose.
  • If your dining chairs have fabric components, such as cushions, clean them separately. Old fabric can always be reupholstered if necessary, and separate cushions can be cleaned or replaced to keep your furniture looking new as the years pass.