A Brother Toner Refill Kit Can Extend the Life of Your Print Cartridges

Printers are a valuable tool for any office. However, running out of toner at an inopportune time can bring everything to a standstill. Avoid running out of ink and purchase a refill kit for your Brother machine.

What is Brother Industries, Ltd.?

Brother Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese company specializing in office equipment. It has a long list of products available for consumers. They include printers, desktops computers, label printers, printers, typewriters, and fax machines. The company even has its own line of sewing machines.

Why purchase a toner refill kit?

You may not need to replace the printer cartridge. Instead, you can purchase toner refill kits for Brother printers and replace the ink yourself. This allows the cartridge to be reused and prevents it from becoming waste in the environment.

How many times can you refill a toner cartridge?

The toner unit can be refilled but not indefinitely. Parts like the roller will eventually wear out due to repeated use. Depending on the printer, you may also have a drum that can break down in time. You should always examine the cartridge before refilling to make sure there is no damage to it.

Can you use generic toner cartridges for a Brother product?

Refill the toner with a Brother-compatible product only in order to achieve the best quality printing. Other refill kits are not made to the same standards as those designed for Brother printers. You may be left with a product that does not fill correctly or leaks ink into your machine. Some Brother products may even have their warranty voided if you use a non-Brother toner.

What is included in the toner refill kit?

Typically, you receive four colors in a toner kit. They include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. You also have the option to purchase just a single ink cartridge as well. The kit can save you from buying each color individually. Usually, when one color cartridge is low, others will be low as well. The kit will allow you to have all colors on hand so you don't run out.

Toner kits will vary according to your specific machine. Some kits even include gloves for your hands. All you need to do is follow the instructions inside the kit. As long as you have the cartridge already, the kit will include everything you need to complete the refill, including:

  • Toner bottle
  • Sealing plug
  • Funnel