Re-use Toner Cartridges With Toner Refill Kits for Samsung Printers

When the pages you are printing are starting to look faded from lack of ink, refilling an old toner cartridge lets you continue printing documents and photos without having to pay for an entirely new cartridge. This refill process will require you to use a toner refill kit to transfer fresh toner into the cartridges. Once you learn how to use a toner refill kit, you can have your printer ready to go in just minutes.

What Samsung printer types require toner?

If your printer is running out of ink, you may need to carefully look at it to determine if you need a refill of ink or toner. Toner is a finely powdered pigment that only used in laser devices. These types of devices dispense toner onto a page before a laser fuses the pigment to the paper to create a smudge-proof image. Therefore, you will only need to replace toner if you have a Samsung laser printer.

What is a toner reset chip?

Some kits may come with a laser toner chip that is compatible with your Samsung. These chips are necessary because Samsung printers read a memory chip to figure out how much pigment is left in the cartridge. Even if the cartridge is full, the printer may not work unless there is a chip telling the printing device that it has enough toner. If you have this style, you have to use a reset chip to get the printer working again.

What items are included in a toner refill kit?

Different companies produce different types of kits, so you should carefully read the manufacturers description to see what their kit includes. Depending on the type of refill kit you select, you may have access to the following items:

  • Toner - This comes in a powdered form that may be contained in a bottle, jar, or bag.
  • Reset chips - Some Samsung kits will include the reset chips needed to tell the device that toner has been refilled.
  • Funnels - Small funnels may be provided to make it easier to transfer the fine powder.
  • Tools - Tools for refilling cartridges may include nozzles, something to make a hole in the cartridge, and something to plug up the cartridge once it is refilled.
  • Protective gear - Some kits may have masks and gloves included to make it easier to clean up any mess.
  • Instructions - To make it easier for new customers, some companies provide a list of instructions.
What color is toner available in?

You can buy refill kits in four standard colors. Black toner is the most common option, and it is used for black, white, and grayscale printing. For color printing, you may need cyan, magenta, and yellow toner refill kits. These are the primary colors that will blend to create all other colors when you print.

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