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Toshiba TV Speakers

Toshiba is a company that has been manufacturing various technological tools for decades. Their TV speakers are just one of these items. While some are made for new Toshiba TV models, others are universally compatible with many different devices regardless of their brand.

What are the different types of Toshiba TV speakers?
  • Bookshelf: This is a compact loudspeaker that was constructed for home audio applications. Its small size allows it to be easily placed on a raised surface, such as a bookshelf or table, while connected to the TV. They are usually connected to the television via cables, but wireless options are sometimes available.
  • Surround Sound: This device enriches the sound quality from your TV, so it seems as though the sound is playing all around the room. Wired and wireless options are available.
  • Sound Bars: These are all-in-one devices that deliver audio from the TV without requiring the space of a home theater receiver or surround sound setup. Most of these attach to the bottom of the television via wires and brackets.
What are the different components of Toshiba speakers?
  • Watts: This describes the power capabilities of a speaker. One watt is equivalent to one joule per second. The more watts, the more power a speaker will produce.
  • Amp: An ampere is the standard unit for measuring how fast an electric current flows. The higher the amps, the faster the current, and the more power needed. Speakers with lower amps will require less electrical current to power on and use.
  • Ohm: An Ohm is the standard unit of electrical resistance within a device. It measures the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor. The more Ohms, the more resistance a speaker will have.
  • Tweeter: This is a small loudspeaker that reproduces high-frequency sounds from the television.
  • Cone: This is a thin, semi-rigid cone-shaped membrane attached to the voice coil. It vibrates the diaphragm, which produces audio sound output.
What features options are available?
  • Wave Field Synthesis: This feature is designed specifically for creating audio waves throughout the room. When enabled, audio appears to emanate from different places in the room depending on your wants and needs. The noise then infiltrates the rest of the room using spacial pathways.
  • USB Playback: This feature allows you to charge and play sound from a device (such as televisions or mobile phones) at the same time via USB cable connections. This allows for several hours of entertainment without pausing to charge your device.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: With this feature, you can to listen to your TV with control and convenience. The speakers can be placed in various areas around the house and synced with your television for wireless playback all throughout the space.
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