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Turnbull & Asser Men's Dress Shirts

Established in 1885, Turnbull & Asser men’s formal shirts are made in England. These shirts are notable in the men's fashion industry due to quality materials and traditional styles. Turnbull & Asser shirts are typically worn for business or formal occasions and come in a variety of styles, colors, and silhouettes.

What styles of garments are available?

Turnbull & Asser makes five different styles of men’s formal tops.

  • The Casino Royale dress shirt is associated with the Casino Royale scene in James Bond's film of the same title. The iconic figure was seen wearing this style of shirt. A regular fit made from cotton in a poplin weave is part of a plain style with a double cuff. A flat front and Bond collar define the shirt’s silhouette.
  • The White Marcella formal top with Classic T and A Collar and Double Cuffs is a basic staple for formal occasions. The shirt can be worn with dress plackets or existing buttons. A regular fit combines a poplin weave with a plain pattern, double cuff, and a classic neckline.
  • The White Pleated Dress Shirt with T and A Collar and Double Cuffs is similar to the White Marcella design except for signature pleating on the front of the shirt as opposed to a flat Marcella front.
  • The White Sea Island Quality Cotton Formal Top with T and A Collar and Double Cuffs is a way to anchor colorful ties or hold together a minimalist look. The shirt is made from Egyptian cotton and assumes a regular fit with a plain pattern.
  • The Slim Fit White Marcella Formal Top with Regent Collar and Double Cuffs is similar to the White Marcell design. The slim fit shirt allows for a slightly narrow build.
How do you clean Turnbull & Asser men’s shirts?

Undo each button before you wash the shirt. Remove any neckline stiffeners to avoid uneven wear on points of the neckline. Turn your shirt inside out to protect buttons from chipping and to allow cleaners to access underarms. Wash in warm water, unless the specific directions on the shirt’s tag say otherwise. Hang the shirt to dry rather than drying it in a machine. Tumble drying can wear out the neckline quickly. Rather than machine washing, dry clean shirts whenever possible. Necklines are crafted a half inch larger than the stated size to accommodate minimal shrinking, which is normal for these garments when washed.

What materials are used in Turnbull & Asser men’s shirts?

Turnbull & Asser men’s shirts are made from different varieties of high-quality textiles. Poplin weave and Egyptian cotton are utilized to craft formal men's attire. Mother-of-pearl cufflinks and high caliber accessories are recommended by Turnbull & Asser to match their garments.

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