Finding AC to DC Adapters for Your Electronics

Great for small electronics, 7.5V AC DC adapters are good to have on-hand for whenever a time arises that you need to charge or plug-in any small electronic device you have. To transfer AC power to DC power, having an AC adapter is necessary. It is important to check all the specifications of your small device to ensure it can charge properly and sustain itself with a 7.5V.

How to Choose the Right Adapter?

  • Specifications. When looking for an AC adapter, you should match the voltage as well as match or exceed the mAh.
  • Voltage. While most plugs convert AC to DC, it is still important to check that the adapter you're interested in has that capability. In addition, it is important to have the voltage meet that of the device you're using as it can only use the amount of voltage it is rated for. Some common voltage ratings are 18V, 12V, 9V, 6V, 5V, and 3V.
  • Amps. Knowing the amps that your device needs is another key piece of information to look for in an adapter.
  • Polarity. The adapter and your device must match in polarity, so it is important to ensure that they show the same on the label.
  • Plug. There are two types of measurement to consider regarding the device's plug when finding an adapter. The OD is the outer diameter of the plug and the ID is the inner diameter of the plug. There are several different sizes of plugs for your power supply.

What Are the Advantages of a Power Adapter?

  • Safety. Many external power supply adapters have low voltage which reduces many safety concerns when it comes to the power adapter and device.
  • Heat reduction. An external power adapter removes the circuitry that could create a heat source and cause malfunctions of your electrical devices.
  • Electrical noise reduction. AC to DC adapters reduce the amount of electrical noise that an external power supply unit creates.
  • Configuration versatility. You can use almost any adapter for whatever device needs charging, as long as it meets the requirements of the device itself.
  • Ease of replacement. External power supplies are easy to replace, versus fixing the actual electronic device.

What Can You Use a 7.5V Adapter For?

You can use an AC to DC converter at this voltage for almost any small electronic device. From tablets to cameras to small video cameras, a 7.5V power adapter can charge many types of devices. In addition, there are not only wall adapters but also car chargers, so whether you're on the go or in your office, you can power up no matter what situation you may face.