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Keep Your Phone Running with Uniden Phone Batteries

A cordless phone offers the safety and security of a landline, but allows you the freedom to roam around your home or office while on a call. Because cordless phone batteries can lose their charge over time, it's simply good practice to have a new cordless rechargeable one on hand just in case you're in the middle of a call and your phone goes dead, which would be inconvenient. Uniden packs are a safe, durable, and convenient way to keep your phone working.

How long do rechargeable Uniden packs last?

A recharging pack typically lasts between one and two years before it will no longer hold a charge. The variability of the rate at which they successfully recharge means that having a replacement on hand is generally a good idea. This is particularly true in warmer areas where discharge rates of resting batteries are higher.

How long does a Uniden battery pack take to charge?

Charge rates vary depending on:

  • Your charger base
  • The capacity of the cordless phone battery itself
  • The amount of energy that was already in the battery

With that said, a typical new rechargeable battery can take 8 to 10 hours to charge to its full capacity.

How long can you store a cordless phone battery?

If stored when fully charged, the cordless phone battery can contain that energy for between three and five years if it's stored at room temperature. That said, even at room temperature batteries will slowly discharge their energy over time, so even brand new batteries cannot be stored indefinitely and be expected to function well.

Can Uniden rechargeable batteries be overcharged?

Though it's unlikely you would overcharge a battery to the point of damage, once fully charged, the phone battery should be removed from the charger and the charger should be unplugged. This allows the device to reset before the next charge, which will improve charge time. If the device has an on/off switch, you can circumvent this step and simply turn it off once the cordless phone battery is at full charge.

Will a new Uniden battery need to be charged first?

Before the first use, these batteries will typically require charging for a full cycle. This is because they will be shipped in a discharged state to protect against overloading due to handling, heat, and other factors. When you receive your new battery in the mail, immediately allow it to sit on the charge base for at least eight hours for maximum stability.

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