Finding Universal-Fit Replacement TV Inverter Boards

There's no need to spend money that you don't need to on a new television when your current TV's inverter board simply needs to be replaced. This is typically a quick fix that anyone can do, and it doesn't require intense tech knowledge, either. When you're not sure about what an inverter even does or why you need one, there are some basics about this necessary part of your LCD TV to become familiar with.

What Are Inverter Boards?

These components are also called backlights, and there are some things to know about the board inside your set.

  • These components work to light up your screen and are sometimes referred to as your TV's "battery." Without it, you couldn't see the picture on your LCD screen.
  • They typically require a high amount of voltage to power the electronics display, so it's considered a specialized part that must be working properly for your LCD TV to function as it should.

When Should You Replace Inverter Boards?

Televisions are comprised of multiple parts and components, so how do you know when your backlight inverter is the issue at hand when your TV won't work? There are some specific symptoms that can indicate a faulty inverter that is in need of repair or replacement.

  • You turn on your LCD TV and nothing comes on at all and the entire display has gone pitch black.
  • You power on your LCD screen and you see a wavy picture with lines in it or the colors of the program look off or unusual.
  • The picture on your TV flickers on and off or goes black and then comes back on repeatedly. These are all signs that it's likely a problem with your backlight and not another part, meaning your board should be replaced.

Which Models Work with Universal Inverters?

One good thing about buying a universal inverter is that it's compatible with many types of TV models and manufacturers. There are a few models that you can use with a universal LCD TV inverter board, but you should remember that compatibility isn't just about brand, it's also about series or model number along with TV type.

  • TVs made by Philips work with a universal model board.
  • When you have an LG television, you can replace your factory board with a universal model and it should work just fine. Be sure to check the model number to make sure it's compatible with your specific set.
  • You can also choose a universal board for an effective repair solution for your Samsung LCD TV. Remember to check the part number, which you can find on the actual part itself or find in your owner's manual to ensure the correct fit and that you are buying the right part.

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