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Uttermost Lamps, Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Uttermost lamps, lighting, and ceiling fans provide you with items and accessories that you can use to light up your home. These light sources range from standard lamps to chandeliers and wall fixtures, giving you a large variety of lighting styles to choose from. There is also a wide array of lighting parts and accessories available to you from Uttermost, such as candle-holders.

Which bulbs are these lamps compatible with?

These table lamps and lights by Uttermost are compatible with many different types of bulbs, from CFL to LED bulbs.

  • CFL: This type of bulb is notable for its spiral design and is designed with energy efficiency in mind. These bulbs are versatile in their applications and can be used within any light or lamp.
  • Halogen: These bulbs make use of a tungsten filament that is situated at the center of the bulb. When electricity is passed through the bulb, the filament heats up and causes a small pocket of halogen gas to emit light. These particles are then recycled within the bulb.
  • HID: These are high intensity bulbs that are designed first and foremost to provide a highly intense beam of light that can illuminate large rooms.
  • LED: This is a light-emitting diode that produces visible light with a solid material known as a semiconductor. As more electricity is used, the light will become brighter. The light produced by these bulbs gives off only a small amount of heat.
Which colors are these lamps available in?

These table lamps, lights, and ceiling fans come in a wide range of colors to match the decor of the room where they will be placed. Uttermost items come in finishes such as a light wood tone, medium wood tone, and dark wood tone. Some additional colors that are commonly available include ivory, beige, brown, black, and white.

What power source types are available to select from?

There are several power sources that can be used in combination with these table lamps and ceiling fans. These sources include: batteries, cords, and ceiling sources.

  • Battery: This type of power source allows you to power the lamp using standard or rechargeable batteries.
  • Corded: The majority of these lamps come with a cord that needs to be plugged in so that the bulb can be turned off and on. These cords can come in a variety of lengths, allowing you to position the lamp in any number of areas throughout your home as long as the power source is within a reasonable distance.
  • Ceiling power supply: When you select a ceiling fan, it will need to be connected upwards into the ceiling, typically into a power source that has been fitted into the area.