Van Briggle Art Pottery

Van Briggle Art Pottery

Van Briggle Pottery opened its doors in 1901 in Colorado Springs and closed them in 2012. During their 111-year run, they produced a variety of vases, pottery, and other items in what is known as the art nouveau style. Their art pottery has a lengthy history and is available in many different styles and colors.

What is art pottery?

Art pottery is designed to create a look that is artistic and memorable. They are usually used to decorate a home or business. Van Briggle produced a multitude of artwork and vases during its time.

Many of its early pieces have a simple design that suited the mixed culture of the Colorado area. Each type of pottery typically comes in one piece and has a glaze designed to protect its surface from damage. As a result, this type of art is made to last for years, even in inclement weather.

What colors and materials do they come in?

Art vases, including a Van Briggle vase, come in many different material types. Most are made using tough clay and polymers. Van Briggle also uses a variety of colors in each of their vases and pottery. You can find them in combinations of blue, green, brown, black, white, pink, red, and many more colors.

What styles of Van Briggle vase are available?

The type of Van Briggle items available will vary depending on the year they were produced. Some Van Briggle pottery will have an antique look and a tough glaze. Other items are a reproduction of an antique that uses a glaze designed to protect it from damage.

The designs physicality can vary quite a bit as well. For example, one type of Van Briggle is an art nouveau piece shaped like a nude woman. Another type of Van Briggle is an antique vase designed with handles and a floral design.

How do you display a Van Briggle?

Those interested in buying a Van Briggle have a vast number of choices. Pieces made by Van Briggle Pottery can be used as everyday pottery, such as for holding flowers or plants. Buying two of the same kind of pottery could provide your display with symmetry as well. You can also use two or more pieces of this pottery to try and enhance a commercial property. Place a piece of Van Briggle pottery placed in a window or along high shelves to decorate your place of business.

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