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Victoria's Secret Body Sprays and Mists

Body sprays and mists from Victoria's Secret are available in many different fragrance combinations, including the Secret Fantasies and PINK body mist lines. They include some exotic notes, along with some of the more well-known fragrances like coconut, amber, and florals. You can use body mists in place of cologne or as a layering scent component.

What are some of the common Victoria’s Secret scents?

Victoria’s Secret body sprays and mists are divided into fine fragrance mists and the mist collection. The mist collection offers mists like the Crushed Petals Fragrance Mist, the Tangled Bloom Fragrance Mist, and the Twisted Ivy Fragrance Mist. Their fine fragrance mists include mists like the Tease Fragrance Mist, Eau So Sexy Fragrance Mist, and the Love Mini Fragrance Mist. VS mists use fruit, fresh, floral, spicy, and sweet notes in various combinations to create these spray-on scents. The following are some scents from the VS fragrances, body mists, and perfumes.

  • Bombshell - Fruity and flowery with vanilla-orchid
  • Rapture Sensual Mist- Strong notes of white floral with vanilla and citrus
  • Love Spell - Fruity and sweet with notes similar to a fresh and powdery, after-bath smell
  • Pure Seduction - Flowery and fruity with undertones of sweet, spicy, and herbal
  • Very Sexy - Strong notes of vanilla orchid with sun-drenched clementine and midnight blackberry
How long do the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists last?

The fragrance mists from VS are lighter than a perfume. The amount of time the fragrance lasts will depend on your activity level for the day. On average, a fragrance mist will last around three to four hours. The fragrance mist can be layered on the body and clothes for a longer-lasting effect.

In what sizes are the VS mists available?

A VS fragrance mist comes in several different sizes. The most common sizes are 4.2 oz and 8.4 oz. Many also come in a travel size of 2.5 oz.

What are some popular mist products by VS PINK?

The VS PINK line of fragrance mists includes a series of scents that can be worn every day. The following is a list of some VS PINK body sprays. Also included is some basic information on the notes they contain.

  • Warm & Cozy - Strong notes of sweet vanilla with peony flower
  • Fresh & Clean - Fresh notes of apple and lily
  • Sweet & Flirty - Flowery with sugar berry and pink grapefruit
  • Cool & Bright - Fresh with magnolia and bergamot splash
  • Beach Flower - Light and fresh with tiare flower and palm leaves
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