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Vintage Golf Clubs and Shafts

The game of golf has a long and noted history and if you're a fan of the game, you may want to own some of that history yourself. While there are plenty of golf collectibles and memorabilia about, owning antique golf clubs and shafts puts that history right in your hands. That's not to mention giving you something to show off around the golf club. For skilled and longtime golfers out there, playing with a vintage iron or putter can present a refreshing new challenge in your favorite past-time, as the style of club and feeling is quite different to the modern game.

What Are Some Features of Vintage Clubs?

Given their antique and vintage nature, there are various features and factors concerning antique golf clubs you should keep in mind. Some of these factors include:

  • Hickory Shafts: One of the more common sorts of antique clubs are hickory shaft golf clubs, so that the entire shaft is made from hickory wood. These aren't to be confused with later pyratone faux-wood shafts that have steel at their center.
  • Rustless Heads: Generally, hickory golf clubs that feature rustless club heads are made with stainless steel, whereas an older hickory iron used softer metals. Harder metals used in the iron produce a heavier feel to them. There are even types of golf club that have a head made from wood.
  • The Club's Age: Typically, hickory clubs date from the first few decades of the 20th century.  Antique hickory golf clubs that date pre-1900 are much rarer.

How Do Vintage Golf Clubs Differ From Modern Ones?

It only makes sense that playing 18 holes of golf with vintage clubs is going to be different than with your regular clubs. Tradeoffs to consider include:

  • Different Clubs: Although vintage club sets do include recognizable clubs like a putter and mid-iron, most of the other clubs like the brassie and the mashie niblick are no longer seen in modern golf bags. Playing without your dedicated driver and only a single iron will make things feel quite different.
  • Sensitive Balance: More work has to go into making sure things like the balance, weighting, and strength are spot on for vintage golf clubs so that they're ready for use compared to modern, mass-produced clubs.
  • Hickory Golf: Owning antique golf clubs opens the doors to playing variations on the game of golf such as Hickory Golf, which has grown out of the use of golf clubs made with wooden, hickory-shafted clubs.

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