WWF Wrestling Fan Apparel and Souvenirs

A variety of wrestling souvenirs and apparel are available to you, like collectors T-shirts and wrestling belts. If you are a fan of this sport, quality souvenirs can help you show off your favorite wrestlers either in your home or on yourself. You can find new, licensed, and vintage souvenirs that will be perfect to add to your collection.

What types of WWF products can you find?

You can find official WWF gear in the form of T-shirts for men, women, and children available in all sizes, hats in a variety of colors and styles, souvenir jackets, and adjustable championship belts. You can also discover WWF collectible figurines, sunglasses, posters, and much more to show off your enjoyment of this sport.

Football jerseys that show off your favorite wrestlers are options as well as regular scoop neck shirts. Thick jackets keep you warm during the winter, and lightweight options can be used year-round. Your favorite wrestlers images are sure to be found in your size whether you are looking for something small or in the plus-sized range.

What factors should you consider when buying WWF clothing?

You should always check out the different sizes available when picking out a shirt or jacket. Be sure to look at the type of material that your item is made out of too. A sports shirt made out of cotton will be soft and easy to keep clean, while a jersey made out of a moisture-wicking fabric may be a nice option for an active person or those prone to perspiration. Consider your choice of colors as well. Wrestling apparel comes in many styles so that you can find the right option for your unique needs.

Who are featured wrestlers on official WWF merchandise?

You are sure to find some merchandise available with whoever your favorite WWF wrestler may be. Featured WWF stars include The Rock, The Undertaker, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, and many others.

What are WWF belts made out of?

There are adjustable childrens WWF belts made out of rubber and plastic designed for playtime or to wear just for fun. Adult collectible WWF belts are made out of leather, crystals, rhinestones and are crafted by artisans for an original look. These decorative belts can be displayed in a case, on a wall, or you can even wear these collectible pieces as a Halloween costume.

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