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Wall Fixture Vanity Lighting

The choice of a vanity light impacts the overall function and fashion of the home bathroom. From modern to traditional styles, the possibilities for vanity lighting seem limitless. With a large variety of styles and finishes available, matching existing bath colors and styles should be easy.

What are the different bathroom lighting styles?
  • Modern: Modern-style vanity lights have minimal decorative design, geometric patterns, and basic color schemes.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary-style vanity lights use durable materials with clean lines and sharp angles.
  • Traditional: Traditional vanity lights are built on history using wood, porcelain, and ceramic materials.
What types of finishes are available for a vanity light?
  • Brushed nickel: The silver-colored metal has a roughened look similar to what the bath lights would look like if it had been brushed with a wire brush.
  • Polished Nickel: The nickel plating has a smooth lacquer finish.
  • Chrome: This silver standard can be shined up to sparkle.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic fixtures usually come in white and are reminiscent of older or historic homes.
  • Bronze: These bath lights have warm copper tones with a finish that generally has a rougher finish than brushed nickel or chrome.
Can vanity lights have a different finish than faucets?

It is not necessary for vanity lights and fixtures to have the same finish. It is possible to pair brushed finish faucets with brushed finish lighting. It is also possible to pair lighting and faucets with different finishes in the same metal family such as chrome, nickel, or bronze. Creating room harmony is key.

What are the types of wall fixture bathroom lighting?
  • Bath bar: Bath bar lighting is usually over the vanity and mirror and has two to five separate bulbs. The length of the vanity lighting is relative to the vanity itself.
  • Sconce: Sconce lighting is placed anywhere on the wall, providing variety and flexibility in light placement.
  • Pendant: Pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling and can be hung directly over the vanity.
How much bathroom lighting do you need?
  • Size of the room: For smaller bathrooms, the vanity lights are usually all the lighting that is necessary. For larger bathrooms, add pendant lights or sconces in other areas for proper lighting.
  • Use of the room: Bathrooms used for putting on makeup and styling hair benefit from bar lighting that is installed above the vanity and mirror to cut down on any shadows.
  • Style of the room: For a romantic style, install wall sconces or pendant lights near the bath for a decorative addition. For a pragmatic style, install polished silver or chrome vanity bar lights above the mirror and vanity.