Water Floats & Rafts

Relax by the Pool With Pool Floats and Rafts

Having an inflatable pool float or raft provides a relaxing way to lounge and play in the water. These pool floats are available on eBay and come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and such shapes. Pool floats and rafts typically fold up into a compact bundle, making them easy to take on any water excursion.

What are pool floats made of?

Inflatable floats are generally made of phthalate-free, non-toxic 20-gauge vinyl or PVC that contain extra sets of air chambers to keep the float above water. These materials are flexible and yet resistant to tears. Some floats will include sturdy handles to assist you in getting on and off the float.

How much weight can a pool lounger hold?

Most adult pool floats will hold between 200 and 300 pounds. Some more durable loungers and pool chairs that are meant for more than one person can hold more. There are other inflatable float products, such as drink holders and cooler holders, that are not intended to hold people. Those will support considerably less weight.

Types of pool floats and rafts

Pool floats and rafts come in a plethora of types and sizes and can hold from one to several people at a time. Some styles of pool floats and rafts may include:

  • Pool noodles - Pool noodles are typically long, thin cylindrical tubes that are hollow in the middle. You can put several of these together to keep you afloat.
  • Floating mats and loungers - Floating mats and loungers are generally built for one person and may include features such as cup holders or sun protectors.
  • Inflatable ride on - Inflatable ride on floats come in all different shapes and sizes that range from animals such as unicorns, dolphins, turtles, and flamingos, to food items such as giant pizzas.
  • Pool raft - Pool rafts can be for one or more people and can be shaped like a doughnut or large and flat with features such as inflatable pillows or sun canopies.
  • Floating island - Floating islands are giant rafts that can hold up to six people or more and include several seating areas, a storage area for a cooler, sun canopies, and cup holders.

Inflating a pool float or raft

Smaller floats and rafts can be inflated by blowing air into the nozzle. For larger rafts, there are typically several small chambers that are inflated individually. You can inflate them easily and quickly by using a hair drier, air compressor, or a toy air pump.

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