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Water Shoes

Water shoes, which are also referred to as aqua socks, are a type of footwear designed to be worn in the water. The water shoes have flexible rubber soles and help protect feet from sharp objects in the water. The water shoes are also helpful for water sports such as aerobics and fishing.

What are the features of water shoes for women?
  • Hard sole - The outsole of water shoes for women is designed to protect your feet from getting cut or scratched by sharp edges. The sole of the aqua socks for women also makes it easier for you to walk on hot sand, asphalt, or pavement between the water and your vehicle.
  • Quick-drying mesh - Once you have gotten out of the swimming pool or lake, the quick-drying mesh of the shoes allows them to dry quickly. The mesh of the shoes is designed to resist mildew. Since the shoes are non-absorbent, they will not squish out puddles when you wear them on land.
  • Slide-on or elasticized closure - Most styles of water shoes for women are designed to slide onto your feet like sandals with no long laces that need to be tied. Some of the hybrid styles of aqua socks have an elasticized closure with a tab that you can pull to tighten the fit. These hybrid aqua socks are designed to accommodate the slight increase in size that your foot has when you have been in a pool or a lake for an extended period of time.
How do you choose a pair of water shoes?
  • Select a style - Choose shoes exclusively for use outdoors in ponds or lakes, aqua socks designed for swimming pool or indoor use, or hybrid shoes that offer a smooth transition from watery areas to land for sports such as barefoot running.
  • Choose a color - These shoes for sports are available in solid colors such as black, white, and blue, multiple colors, prints, and stripes.
  • Select a sole thickness - The thickness of the rubber sole of the shoes varies based on the manufacturer. If you plan to do water aerobics in a swimming pool, a thinner sole will be lighter and more flexible. If you plan to go wading or fishing outdoors in a place with zebra mussels or sharp rocks, choose a pair of water shoes with a thick rubber sole.
How do you choose a size of aqua socks?

It is important to choose a size of shoes that fits snugly around your feet so that they do not slide off in the water. Because water shoes are worn barefooted and without socks or stockings, you should measure your foot to select a size to fit properly. To measure your feet for aqua shoes, use a fabric tape measure and measure from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe. Multiply this number by three. To get the standardized United States shoe size for men, subtract 24 from the total. For women, subtract 22.5 from the total. For boys or girls, subtract 11 2/3 from the total.