White Gold Fine Rings

White Gold Fine Rings

White gold is prized for its silvery luster, which comes about when pure gold is alloyed with white metals such as nickel or palladium. This not only gives the gold an appearance like a more expensive metal, such as platinum, but also makes it strong enough to wear every day. Most white gold to wear is 14 or 18 karats.

What kinds of rings are available in white gold?

Rings of every conceivable style and shape are available. In addition to engagement rings and bridal sets, below are just some of the kinds of jewelry you can find.

  • Eternity rings: These have jewels all around the shank of the ring.
  • Cocktail rings: This jewelry is showy and often features large stones.
  • Wedding rings: Plain wedding bands for men and women can be unadorned, or the bands can be decorated with tiny beads at the edges, called milgrain.
  • Vintage and antique rings: Rings rom the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco periods, among others, are available in white gold. Antique refers to pieces that are a century old or older. Vintage rings and jewelry are styles that are simply not contemporary.
  • Estate rings: These rings are sold by the estates of previous owners.
  • Split shank: These rings have bands that split into two or more tributaries that are often set with diamonds or other gems.
  • Three stone: Rings of this type have a central stone with what are usually smaller stones on each side.
  • Pampille ring: In this style of ring, stones are mounted in a cascade with the largest gem at the top. The gems are usually diamonds.
  • Cluster rings: These rings feature clusters of small jewels such as diamonds instead of a central stone.
What types of settings do these rings support?

As with the styles, these kinds of rings utilize settings of all different kinds. Here are a few of the many options.

  • Halo settings: In this jewelry, a central stone is surrounded by smaller stones, usually diamonds.
  • Channel settings: Here, small gems are set in a channel. An eternity ring could be a ring with channel-set diamonds all around the band.
  • Solitaires: These rings are dominated by a large, central stone. There are no other gems on the ring, or the side gems are minimal.
  • Bar set: These rings have small gemstones, such as diamonds, set with a small metal bar between them.
  • Pavé set: This jewelry has tiny gems like diamonds set around the ring like stones in a pavement.
  • Bezel set: The jewel, usually the center stone, is secured by a band of white gold.
  • Cathedral set: Long prongs raise the central jewel above the band.
What kinds of jewels can be used in white gold rings?

While just about any gem can be used in this jewelry, a number of gems and jewels are commonly found in these rings because they’re particularly complementary to the metal:

  • Diamonds: They can be set as central stones or side stones. Colors range from white to black.
  • Sapphires: These gems come in several varieties, but perhaps the most striking is the star sapphire, where the play of light on this cabochon-cut gem gives the illusion of a star in the center.

Other stones that can be used in this jewelry include rubies, garnets, emeralds, tanzanite, amethysts, topaz, aquamarine, opals, citrine, and pearls.