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White Mountain Puzzles

Based in New Hampshire, White Mountain Puzzles has been creating jigsaw puzzles since 1978. They offer a wide variety of puzzles for families, seniors, kids, and puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge. Puzzles are categorized by difficulty level, number of pieces, and themes.

Does White Mountain offer jigsaw puzzles for children?

White Mountain Puzzles has jigsaw puzzles with sturdy, jumbo-sized pieces for children as young as 3. For example, a completed floor jigsaw puzzle measures 2 feet by 3 feet. Little ones can have fun learning their ABCs, animals, and geography. Older kids can enjoy jigsaw puzzles featuring animals, trucks, pirates, princesses, dinosaurs and the solar system.

What are the benefits of jigsaw puzzle solving?
  • Besides being enjoyable, working and solving puzzles practices problem solving skills for all ages.
  • Jigsaw puzzles can help users to focus and concentrate. This increases visualization and creativity. Senior citizens can enjoy a hobby that stimulates their minds and helps to exercise memory and cognitive abilities.
  • Jigsaw puzzles also have social benefits. Family members can come together for an entertaining, enjoyable evening to solve a puzzle as a group.
What is the biggest jigsaw puzzle available?

Once completed, the National Park Badges jigsaw has a size of 24 inches by 30 inches.

Are there puzzles for both adults and children?

White Mountain's family products center around fun concepts and ideas. They come in many sizes, from 24 to 1000 pieces. Pictures can be vintage candy wrappers, television stars, or cereal boxes that appeal to all ages. Some have a mix of large and small pieces within one project. This makes for an easier time for younger users. Grandparents, parents, and children of all ages can collaborate together.

What kinds of pictures are there?

White Mountain Puzzles are high in variety and creativity. Professional artists and photographers such as Lois Sutton, Lewis T. Johnson, and Steve Crisp have contributed to White Mountain Puzzles. They have created original works ranging from the whimsical to challenging.

Pop culture enthusiasts may drawn to the jigsaws featuring personalities and places of various eras, Broadway, and television. Vintage buffs can be absorbed in collages of postage stamps, movie posters, and lunch boxes. Holidays-themed puzzles such as snowmen puzzles and the Christmas House portrait puzzle are also available. One of the most challenging is "The Pencil," which is a collection of promotional pencils glued together by the artist Maureen Rupprecht.

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