Woombie Baby Sleep Sacks and Sleeping Bags

Helping your baby fall asleep and stay asleep is an essential task for new parents. Making sure your infant feels safe and secure can help your baby to relax and to avoid becoming startled. Using a soft Woombie sleep sack can give your newborn that feeling.

How does using a Woombie to swaddle help your baby?

Newborns are still developing after birth, and their brains and nervous systems are prone to reacting with a startle reflex, which is triggered easily by different stimuli to their immature nervous systems. Newborns also are not able to fully control their arms or hands for many months after birth. Swaddling brings their arms close to their bodies in a position that is safe, which reduces the startle reflex that can occur. At the same time, it reduces the opportunities for babies to hit themselves in the face if they are flailing around or to scratch themselves with their nails. Swaddling mimics the safety and security of babies’ in-utero experiences.

What safety features do Woombies offer?

Woombies must meet CPSIA safety standards for infants and are regularly tested and improved. The safety features that are tested include:

  • No phthalates and less than 90 ppm of lead are used
  • No chemical flame retardants are added
  • Hazards such as zipper strength, snap strength, zipper torque, any small parts, and seams are not used
  • Monofilament thread with colorfastness after washing and drying is used
In what position can a baby sleep in a Woombie?

Back sleeping is the recommended safest sleeping position for babies up to four months, according to the American Pediatric Association. At four months, babies begin to develop the ability to kick their legs and roll themselves over from back to front. For this reason, a Woombie should only be used during these early months of an infant's life. The product can be used up to four months of age or when they begin to show signs of having developed the gross motor skills to kick and roll their body to a position in which they are lying on their stomachs.

Do you need to wean a baby from a Woombie?

If a baby is used to being in a Woombie every time he or she is sleeping at night and during nap time, you may need to consider weaning your baby slowly from the Woombie and allowing him or her to begin experiencing resting without it. Naps may be a good time to begin weaning your baby to ensure that he or she doesn’t become dependent on the product. The Woombie can still be used during the weaning period but can be slightly unzipped to allow your baby to begin moving his or her arms more freely while sleeping.

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