Wrench Sets

Hand Wrench Sets

Hand wrench sets come in many different options. One of the staples in a toolbox of both the handy man and the mechanic is the classic combination wrench. The basic combination wrench set is indispensable when working with hex-head nuts and bolts and other fasteners. In addition to combination wrenches there is a variety of other options to choose from, so making sure you get the right tool set for your particular needs is important.

How do you know what wrenches you need?

When looking for a combination wrench set, you should know what sizes you need. Most of these wrenches are made of chrome, which should be harder than the fastener you are trying to turn.

  • Smaller wrench sizes - Most combination wrench sets start at 8 millimeters, which denotes metric size, or 3/8 inches which is standard.
  • Larger wrench sizes - Some sets will get as high as the 1 1/4 inches level or metric equivalent while others will stop at 11/16 inches.
  • SAE or metric wrench - There is a good mix of both SAE and Metric fasteners, so you may want to cover your bases when deciding on one or the other. Some wrench sets come only as SAE or only as metric sizes so make sure you check. Handymen and mechanics typically keep a set of both SAE and metric wrenches. Many times an SAE wrench will not get the job done if the fastener is a metric size and vice versa.
What are the options when looking for a wrench set?

If you are looking to get a good set of wrenches, its important to note that you can get a number of different types and each are suitable to different situations, including:

  • Combination wrench set - This has a box end or closed end on one end of the wrench and an open end on the other. Both ends are usually the same size.
  • Ratcheting wrench set - This offers a ratcheting box end to speed up loosening and tightening. Ratcheting capability can save quite a bit of work. They will still usually have two ends like a combination wrench.
  • Adjustable wrench set - Adjustable wrenches adjust to fit multiple size nuts and bolts with one wrench. These wrenches typically have an open end and no closed end. You can find adjustable box-ended wrenches as well. This type of wrench eliminates the need for a metric and standard assortment in most cases.