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What You Need to Know About Xerox Toner Refill Kits

Some owners may choose to refill the toner cartridges in their Xerox laser printer using various types of refill kits. Refill kits may be offered for specific models or may be generic products. Some kits come with instructions and may include toner only, and some may include additional parts, supplies, and instructions.

How do you choose a Xerox toner refill kit?

The first step in selecting a toner refill kit for your Xerox printer is identifying your model number and the type of toner you need. You will also need to identify the colors your machine uses. Color machines have four cartridges that are marked B, C, M, and Y. The letters stand for black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Select a kit that contains all four colors if you need all of the colors. Alternatively, you may select B for black-only, or other single colors if you need cyan, magenta, or yellow only.

What does a Xerox toner refill kit include?

Toner kits should include bottles of powder in one or more colors (cyan, black, magenta, yellow). Additional parts of kits may include the following items:

  • Filling equipment, such as a funnel or similar parts
  • Latex gloves and cleaning cloths that may be treated with electrostatic material to clean up excess toner
  • Instruction cards or CD-ROM with video instructions
What is a toner cartridge refill chip?

When a cartridge becomes low on toner, a message will show up on the machine or a connected computer or mobile device. The part that sends the message is called a cartridge chip. These ink smart chips monitor reserves and notify the user of low quantities or when the powder is completely exhausted. Some chips may be able to be reset using a tool called a resetter. If the chip is not able to be reset, a replacement chip should be installed. A toner refill kit for Xerox machines with chips that cannot be reset should include a reset chip.

What are generic and compatible toner?

Generic toner refill kits may be used in many printers. Compatible kits will be manufactured for a specific brand and, in some cases, printer model. Generic toner refill kits may be sold in packages of a variety of different sizes. A compatible toner refill will be sold in an amount of powder that can fill specific cartridge capacities and sizes. Compatible toner refill kits will state they are compatible with a specific Xerox cartridge or model.

How does laser toner work?

Laser toner is primarily made of powdered plastic. Static electricity assists in placing the powder on the drum where it is then placed on the paper. A fuser melts the powder into the paper. Blends of plastic and other ingredients are designed to work best in various machines.

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