Yellow LED Car Light Strips

Light Up Your Vehicle With LED Car Light Strips

Light strips for an automobile feature a row of LED light bulbs along a flexible strip. One of the most common uses for LED lighting is a strip of light along the underbody of your car, motorcycle, or truck to make the vehicle look stylish. Yellow LED strips can also be used as lighting along the interior of your car or fog lights by your headlights.

How are the LED lights powered?

LED lighting is a common choice for car lights because it is energy efficient. Once you put the lights in their desired location, you can route the wires to the engine bay of your automobile. This may require some extension wires depending on how far away you want to place the lights. You can then attach the lights to your cars battery to ensure they get enough power.

What are the dimensions for the LED strip?

The specifications for the light bar will depend on what product you select. Some LED strips may come as a single length while other LED strips might include multiple pre-cut lengths. You can see the manufacturer site for details about the dimensions of the product. Common sizes include:

  • 5 meters
  • 2.5 meters
  • 120 centimeters
  • 30 centimeters
  • 10 centimeters
Can you cut and fold the light strips?

Look at the flexible strips instructions carefully to see what sort of customization opportunities are available. Some options let you clip them at any length, while others only allow cuts every three bulbs or so. If you want to fold or bend the strip, make sure to do so in between the bulbs.

What features come with LED lights for cars?

LED light strips may look the same once they are lit up, but not every brand is the same. You have the opportunity to select a product that comes with the option of one of these special features.

  • Waterproof: These options may be able to resist the elements due to a waterproof coating on the LED lights.
  • Adhesive backing: Some LED lights have a sticky back that makes it easier to apply the LED lights to your car.
  • Long life span: Each bulb may last up to 50,000 hours depending on the product you select.
  • Wide color range: You may be able to select different shades of yellow, ranging from deep amber yellow to light yellow-white shades.
  • Dust resistant: Some lights may have a special coating to help shed roadside dust that might diminish the brightness of the light beam.