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Youth Soccer Shoes & Cleats

The kids in your life who want to play soccer will need support and traction when they chase the soccer ball up and down a field. Whether your child wears them while playing indoor or outdoor soccer, soccer shoes are specially designed to keep feet healthy and prevent injuries. Before sending your child off to the pitch, find the right style shoe to help them succeed.

What are the benefits of cleats for kids?

Soccer shoes equipped with cleats provide kids with protection against slippage and falls that can be caused by water and mud. Depending on the material, the soccer cleats may also be resistant to stains and easy to clean. It’s a good idea to consider the soccer-pitch style when you select a shoe. For example, you can find shoes and cleats designed for playing on:

  • Firm ground: These cleats are designed for natural pitch surfaces in relatively dry climates. They are also generally acceptable for artificial soccer turf.
  • Soft ground: Soft ground cleats offer a high level of protection for kids in wet climates because the studs will dig into the mud and wet grass. The studs of the cleats can be replaced easily.
  • Artificial turf: Kids playing soccer on an artificial pitch will benefit from wearing a low-profile soccer shoe with smaller studs.
  • Indoor pitch: If the kids are playing indoors, choose indoor soccer shoes featuring rubber soles. These special soccer shoes allow players to make sudden turns with ease.

How do you determine the shoe style for your position?

Parents and kids can determine their footwear needs based on their playing position. From high-top shoes to low-profile ones, the style can make the play easier and even reduce overall perceived exertion. A child playing more than one position should consider which position they play the most frequently, such as:

  • Goalie: With the need to move horizontally at a fast pace with a firm foothold, goaltenders should look for soccer shoes that allow for solid kicks back to the pitch.
  • Defense: Defensive players benefit from a pair of shoes that offer a higher profile. They provide more protection and more kicking space.
  • Midfield: Soccer shoes designed for comfort is key for kids playing midfield since they will be on their feet and running back and forth for an hour and a half.
  • Winger: The winger needs soccer cleats that allow them to change direction and pick up the pace quickly. A smaller, lighter shoe lets you be faster on your feet.
  • Forward: Your forward youth player will benefit from soccer cleats that have a clear zone for striking the ball. These soccer shoes should be light enough to let the player sprint forward at a moments notice.

What brands are available for soccer cleats?

Some brands that offer soccer cleats include Puma, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. You may also be able to find a generic shoe that meets the cleat requirements for your child’s soccer position.