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Zeal for Life: Supplements for More Energy

Even with proper exercise and diet, your busy lifestyle can demand more energy throughout the day. Many people now seek out energy and endurance supplements that have an organic focus without the jittery feeling that can come from high levels of caffeine. Available on eBay, Zurvita's Zeal for Life energy supplements provide energy supplement alternatives made with whole food concentrates.

Zeal for Life supplements

Zeal for Life products are made using a proprietary formula developed by Zurvita. This formula has been refined for various forms of consumption, and they can be used alone for long-lasting energy or as part of the Zurvita Weight Management Program. The product options available include:

  • Drink - These individual drinking bottles include 14 grams of powder. Just add cold water and shake, and the product is ready to drink straight from the bottle.
  • Drink mix - These canisters provide 420 grams of drink mix. Add cold water to drink, but you can also mix the powder into fruit juice or your own custom shake formula.
  • Classic formula - This is the original Zeal for Life formula for its drink mix, and it offers several flavor choices, such as kiwi watermelon and wild berry.
  • Vegan formula - Formulated for a vegan diet, this drink mix recipe offers flavor choices like bold grape, tropic dream, and wild berry.
What are Zeal for Life drinks designed to do?

These drinks are designed to boost your energy in a sustainable manner between meals. They are also appropriate for weight management because they allow you to skip snacks or meals without sacrificing the nutrients required for energy, endurance, and overall health. Both the classic and the vegan formula include:

  • Amino Acids to boost energy in a healthy and supportable way
  • Antioxidants that boost overall healthy by protecting your cells
  • Vitamins and minerals for energy and to help ensure a balanced diet
  • Micronutrients and phytonutrients that provide the sustenance that your body requires
What is the recommended serving size?

The standard serving size is 14 grams, which is the amount of powder the single-serve bottles provide. The bottles limit how much overall water you can add, but you can add more or less water or other liquid to taste. The canisters provide 420 grams, which is enough for 30 full servings and covers you for a full month if you drink one serving a day. The time period can be extended if you use less than a full serving as part of a personalized shake formula.

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