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About Apple iPhone SE
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Apple iPhone SE - Price New and Used

New Price*
from $155 to $252
Used Price*
from $84 to $105
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Apple iPhone SE Cell Phone
Apple iPhone SE
Screen Size
4.0 inches
Display Resolution
Operating System
iOS 9.3.2, upgradeable to 12.1
Camera (Rear/Front)
12/1.2 MP
4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches
3.99 oz
Internal Memory
16/32/64/128 GB
2 GB
Dual-core 1.84 GHz
Battery Capacity
Up to 14 hours 3G talk time (1624 mAh)
iPhone SE Phones

How to Practice Portability With an iPhone

While some people dismiss everything but the largest smartphone screens, there are   others who find a small phone to be more comfortable in their hands. For   those users, as well as others looking for an affordable iPhone, Apple provides the iPhone SE. 

What Do You Get With a Smaller Package?

Perhaps the best way to think about the iPhone SE is that its like a cross between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6S, sharing some of the features of both models. Like other phones it   includes must-have features like Wi-Fi, an ambient light sensor, and a proximity sensor but thats not everything: 

  • Processor: With the A9 processor and M9 coprocessor from the iPhone 6S, the SE phones are faster than the 5 series that preceded them.
  • Storage: Originally released in 16GB and 64GB capacities, later models of the SE standardized on 32GB and 128GB of internal storage.
  • Screen: The SE features the same 1136 by 640 pixel 4.0-inch screen as the 5 series phones.
  • Cameras: A 12 megapixel rear camera offers support for live photos and works as a 4K video recorder at 30fps, while the 1.2 megapixel front camera comes with retina flash for low light selfies.

What Accessories Work With the iPhone SE?

One of the benefits of   buying into an existing ecosystem is that you can take advantage of its infrastructure: 

  • Cases: In addition to a dedicated iPhone SE case, you can also use cases designed for the iPhone 5S. That way you dont have to give up your existing leather case for your new phone.
  • Headphones: Thanks to the headphone jack, the SE works with both existing headphones and wireless models such as Apples AirPods.

Using Your iPhone SE

While none would go so far as to call it a 40K video recorder, the iPhone SE does a good job of the majority of tasks   anyone would expect from a smartphone. It takes photographs, surfs the Web, and lets you communicate with people the world over. Most importantly it does so in a form factor that feels comfortable in a smaller hand and for some people that can make all the difference.

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