Banana Macho cables e Interconectores de audio para el Hogar

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Add Wires to Your Equipment With Male Banana Audio Cables

Banana plugs are a specific type of connector you can use to join wires to your electronic equipment. They feature a spring at the tip that can apply force to the input jack and give you a snug fit with good conductivity. You can find thousands of banana plug connectors with convenient features on eBay.

What are some features of banana plugs?

Banana plug cables come in several varieties and may have different features you can use depending on your situation. If you know what specific features you want to include with your banana speaker connectors, you can use the helpful categories on eBay's sidebar to list the products that have the features you want. Some options you will find on eBay are:

  • Right-angle adapter - Banana plugs with this accessory can handle right-angle turns without bending. You may wish to use this type of plug if you have a complex audio setup.
  • Fiber cable - Plugs with a fiber cable are intended to give you a fast, secure connection between the cable and your devices.
  • Retractable - These plugs can retract the jack or connector into a protective shell to keep it safe during transport or storage.
Are there different types of banana plugs?

Most banana plug cables perform the same basic function. However, some designs have slight modifications that are intended for specific equipment. If you want to ensure compatibility between the plugs and your devices, you can choose the type of banana plug that will suit your needs. Some choices you have are:

  • Splitter - This type of plug can split the signal from a single device and spread it between several electronics at once.
  • Converter - A banana plug converter can change the original audio signal into something else that is more compatible with one of your other devices.
  • Subwoofer - Subwoofers may require a special type of banana speaker cable.
Can you purchase used banana plugs?

eBay sells a wide selection of both new and pre-owned banana plugs. In most cases, used banana plugs will perform like brand new plugs. They may not include their original packaging. Used plug cables may have slight cosmetic differences to new ones as well. Purchasing used plugs can be a great way to stock up on different types for your various needs or a way to have all the backups you want. You may be able to purchase refurbished plugs that should look and perform like factory plugs.